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Über Bar Tools™ is a highly accomplished Australian innovator, entirely devoted to the research and development of bar tools which deliver the very best in the industry.

We specialize specifically in serving renowned distillers like you direct, with leading edge bar tools which carry your logo and forever link your brand with a memorable drinking experience.

Put simply, you're the very reason we opened Über Bar Tools™ in the first you should probably take a look!


What the Experts Say About Us!

Dale Degroff

I have been introduced to Überbartools™ and I'm finding they are slowly replacing my old standbys. Überbartools™ are made from high quality heavy gauge stainless steel and are nearly indestructible.

Philip Duff

Too often, tools are made by technicians for function or by designers for form; neither, thus, achieve an iPod- like seamless blend of beauty and utility. Überbartools™ are uncommonly beautiful and unusually useful: you make better drinks with them, they cruise through hard service without a scratch, and never fail to provoke wow! reactions

Hidetsugo Ueno

Überbartools™ are very close to the bartender’s opinions, they listen and they make it.

Überbartools™ makes bar tools bartenders want to use.

Jim Meehan

After years of working to improve the quality and integrity of mixed drinks behind my bar, it's empowering to be joined by a manufacturer who looks at bar tools the way I think about cocktails.

Antonio Lai

Überbartools™ have always been my first choice of quality bar tools.


ProFlow™ Black Pourer with Johnnie Walker logo

ProStik™ Cocktail Muddler
ProStik™ Cocktail Muddler

ProStik™ Cocktail Muddler

BarRay™ Woodford Reserve
BarRay™ Woodford Reserve

BarRay™ Woodford Reserve Hawthorne Strainer


ProFlow™ Black Pourer with Johnnie Walker logo


Über Bar Tools™ has worked some of the world's most iconic liquor brands. The below gallery is a glimpse of what you can expect!

Some of our work


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Our Bar Tools


Sleek, ergonomic, Flat-Pour jigger with 15/30 ml cavities.


m shaker™

Two piece solid and sturdy cocktail shaker.


Bar RAY™

Ergonomic and solid build. Finger grip allows total control during pour.


Reinforced steel, extremely sturdy and well balanced stirrer.


The pourer with Full Stop flow control, replaceable corks and a 2 year warranty* 


The pourer with Full Stop flow control, refreshable fins and a replaceable breather tube.


Esxtremely sturdy citrus press. 


Weighted base Yarai mixing glass. 500 ml capacity. 


Weighted base solid serving glasses. Comes in a set of two.


The Juliep™ strainer fits doubles as an ice scoop and a strainer. High quality stainless steel construction.

Bar Stik™

Muddler with grip and made from high quality stainless steel.

mule mug

Copper Moscow mule mug.

julep cup

Stainless steel construction. Heavy duty Julep cup.

bar spoon

Weighted muddler and spoon. Stainless steel construction.

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